Two Week Short Courses for Adults


These two weeks’ short courses are great for learning basic skills for your job. Your employer may pay for these courses as part of employee retention as they could add value to your job satisfaction. Each of the following courses includes ten 45 minutes of classroom sessions at our Chelmsford learning center.

We provide a 20% discount for employers with more than four enrollments in the same class.

  1. SQL Primer: Learn SQL fundamentals with the popular database MYSQL. How to create tabular data, insert records, and query records to extract meaningful insight. For example, write a query to find the average sales volume for each department. Derive relationships between data and find data anomalies.
  2. Excel for data: Create great-looking spreadsheets, tables, and charts. Learn to prepare a sales demo with excel. create templates for personal finance and daily expenses. Use excel to analyze stock market data. Learn conditional formatting and formula tips and techniques used by professionals.
  3. R for statistics: Learn the widely popular language R to analyze data. Analyze data and execute various statistical functions with ease. R is also used to find useful information from clinical trials and historical financial data. Knowledge of R will make your resume stand out. High school-level knowledge of statistics is required for this course.
  4. Python Programming: Learn to program with Python. Learns python language features such as data type, loops, classes, iteration, functions, and recursion. We will also go over common libraries used in Python.
  5. Unix/Linux Fundamentals: Learn the basics of Linux with the hands-on lab on Ubuntu. Learn common commands, administrative commands, and bash scripting. Learn system commands to check the health of the system. Linux fundamentals are very important if you want to cloud computing with AWS, Azure, or Google.
  6. Web Programming: Learn web development with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Build websites, games, animation, and apps. Web development is an essential skill for everyone nowadays. We will also introduce server-side scripting and web frameworks to process user input received from HTML forms at a high level.
  7. Photography 101: Learn the fundamentals of photography. Learn about the lenses and processors of SLR cameras. Understand the basics of exposure, shutter speed, ISO, and focus. Learn rules of 3rd, posing techniques, and image processing software. This class will also provide tips for portrait photography, pet photography, art, nature, and product photography for eCommerce (Etsy or eBay).