Scala Programming (12 Weeks)


***Listed Price is for 12 Lessons***

Curriculum for 12 weeks. (One lesson per week). In-person

  1. Why Scala
  2. Scala first program
  3. The REPL
  4. Variables and Data Types
  5. Control Structures
  6. Domain Modeling
  7. Methods
  8. First-Class Functions
  9. Singleton Objects
  10. Collections
  11. Domain Modeling
  12. Methods
  13. Functions
  14. Packaging and Imports
  15. Scala Collections
  16. Functional Programming
  17. Types and the Type System
  18. Contextual Abstractions
  19. Concurrency
  20. Scala Tools – Building and Testing Scala Projects with sbt





Scala is the de-facto programming language for building highly scalable parallel and reactive application on JVM platform. In this course, we will learn the fundamentals of Scala programming language. This course is geared towards software developer familiar with Java.


At a Glance: Why Scala?

Java without Semicolons: There’s a saying that Scala is Java without semicolons. There is a lot of a truth to this statement: Scala simplifies much of the noise and boilerplate of Java, while building upon the same foundation, sharing the same underlying types and runtime.

Seamless Interop: Scala can use any Java library out of the box; including the Java standard library! And pretty much any Java program will work the same in Scala, just by converting the syntax.

A Scalable Language: the name Scala comes from Scalable Language. Scala scales not only with hardware resources and load requirements, but also with the level of programmer’s skill. If you choose, Scala rewards you with expressive additional features, which when compared to Java, boost developer productivity and readability of code.

It Grows with You: Learning these extras are optional steps to approach at your own pace. The most fun and effective way to learn, in our opinion, is to ensure you are productive first with what knowledge you have from Java. And then, learn one thing at a time following the Scala Book. Pick the learning pace convenient for you and ensure whatever you are learning is fun.