Electronics Engineering and Robotics



45 minutes coding and lab session every week for Grade 4 and above. This course will be tailored for the skill level and grade of the student. Adults can do complex projects while kids will enjoy amazing world of electronics and smart circuits with sensors. There will be coding lessons, circuits prototyping and robotics experiments using the following tools.

  1. Micropython for BBC:Micro Bit, TinyCircuit Thumby
  2. ChatGPT AI with Arduino ESP3
  3. Circuit and Electronic Kits such as Squishy Circuit, SnapCircuits, Littlebits and more.
  4. Rasberry Pico and Other micro controllers with Sensors
  5. Lego Technic
  6. iRobot and Kano Kits
  7. Other STEM and Robotics kits

There will be periodic competitions and challenges to make the program exciting and fun. Students can make videos of their inventions or achievements and post onto Code Chef YouTube channel with professional edits.


Learn and experiment with robotics with Circuits Kits, BBC : MicroBit, Sphero Mini, Sphero Rovr, Quobo, Thumby, Arduino and Raspeberry Pico Controllers. This program is suitable for Grade 4 to Adults. Students can chose from different options based on their age group and comfort. Student could progress through different levels of complexity and their abilities.