Online Python Lessons (Ages 8-14)

$100.00 / month

Python helps improve problem-solving and math skills for kids. An early introduction to python has proven to be a great stimulation for young brains. Our students have done great with python, even at 8. Online Python classes use Google Meet, Google Site, and Google Colab. Our e-learning companion site

The fee is for four weeks (lessons). We do 45 minutes of live lessons every week. Students are given assignments and quizzes to complete before the next class.

Our instructors are real-life software developers with a college degrees in engineering and years of experience. We not only teach programming language but also teach kids how to think like a programmer. Our students have done tremendously well beyond our imagination.

The python course is divided into three levels.

Level 1 (8 weeks): Python Basics: Covers language fundamentals such as Loops, Conditions, Logic Development, Classes, Functions, and a Mini project.

Level 2 (8 weeks): Python game and animation development. The fun starts here. Students will learn graphics programming with Turtle and Pygame library. They will develop their own fully functional game at the end of this module.

Level 3 (8 weeks): App development using the Tkinter GUI library. Students will learn to develop real-world applications like weather with geolocation and complex password generation tool using a professional GUI development library called Tkinter. They will also learn how to package their amazing creation into an executable EXE.

45 Minute Lesson will be held over zoom every week.


Online Python classes use Google Meet, Google Site, and Google Colab. Our and our e-learning companion site