Online Python Lessons

$100.00 / month

Online Python classes use Google Meet, Google Site, and Google Colab. Our e-learning companion site

The fee is for four weeks (lessons). There will be 45 minutes of live interactive lessons every week. Students are given assignments and quizzes to complete before the next class. The recordings for the lessons will be available on our learning portal for those who can not attend live lessons. Email and chat support will be available throughout the week. We will support you in your learning pursuit.

Our instructors have experienced software developers, leads, and managers with years of experience. We not only teach programming language but also teach you how to think like a developer. Our students have done tremendously well beyond our imagination.

The python course is divided into three levels.

Level 1 (8 weeks): Python Basics: Covers language fundamentals such as Loops, Conditions, Logic Development, Classes, Functions, Lambda, and a Mini project.

Level 2 (8 weeks): Python data processing with built-in modules with File, Math, and Statistics routines. We will also cover professional modules, such as Numpy and Panda, used by every organization. There will be a data science project at the end.

Level 3 (8 weeks): Tkinter is a professional user interface library for Python developers. Tkinter GUI and App development course will help create an interactive interface for your application. Students will develop real-world applications like weather, stock ticker, password generator, and management tool. They will also learn how to package their amazing creation into an executable EXE.

Level 4 (12 weeks): Students will learn modeling, machine learning, and deep learning basics. There will be a mathematics and algorithms primer to understand the background concepts. We will use the popular Scikit Learn, PyTorch, MatplotLib, and TensorFlow libraries. This is an advanced-level optional course.


Online Python classes use Google Meet, Google Site, Pycharm and Google Colab as coding platform.