Creative Minds

$150.00 / month with 1 day free trial

A unique blend of activities to teach kids Chess, Musical Beats Making and Digital Art (Drawing, Painting and Animation). Creativity is the fuel for young brains. You will find this program both intellectually and artistically stimulating for your child. You can come for a free trial and signup only if you like.

Highlights of the program

~ Ages 5 -15
~ 45 Minutes Session
~ One session/ week (In-Person)
~ Mix of activities in each session.
~ Chess, Digital Music and Art

For digital painting lessons we use several apps like InkSpace, Clip Studio and Paint 3D. Along with touchscreen tablets, We also have an advanced professional drawing tablet. Students will be introduced to the science behind sound and use beginner friendly beat making apps, synthesizer and digital pads for creating their own music.


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Creating mind program puts more focus on Chess, Music and Art along with STEM play.