Software Engineer Bootcamp (online)


Learn the three most popular coding languages with a focus on real-world problems. Please note the entire course typically takes 16 weeks.

Part 1 (Week 1-4):

  • Anatomy of a software product.
  • What skills should a software engineer possess?
  • Full stack vs. specialization.
  • New trends and hot technologies.
  • Most common Data Structures.
  • Most common algorithms.
  • Most common Design Patterns.
  • The most common architecture used in modern systems.
  • Python Primer.

Part 2 (Week 5-8)

    • Object Oriented Programming with Java
    • Web application development with Spring

Part 3 (Week 9-12)

  • Advanced Java – Java Multithreading, Messaging, Lambda, Streams
  • Data Processing with SQL and NoSQL

Part 4 (Week 12-16)

  • System Design and Common Interview Problems
  • Capstone project (Build a COVID vaccine appointment booking and tracking application for a fictitious pharmacy)

Fees: $400 in four easy payments of $100/month.




Online course materials and homework are assigned each week for at-home preparation.


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