Software Engineer Bootcamp (Monthly) (In-Person)

$250.00 / month


Learn the three most IT skills in-person classes (Java, Python and Database) with a focus on real-world problems. Fees is due before the start of every month. One 45 minute in-person lesson is scheduled every week at our learning center in Chelmsford.

Part One (12 Lessons):

  • Anatomy of a software product.
  • Full stack vs. specialization.
  • New trends and hot technologies.
  • Introduction to common data structure, algorithms and design principles
  • The most common architecture used in modern systems.
  • Python Crash Course (Fundamentals, Functions, Lambda, Classes, File Processing)
  • Introduction to Python Data Processing using NumPy, Panda
  • Python Chart Library Bokeh, Matplotlib and Plotly

Part Two (16 Lessons)

    • Java Fundamentals (Covers Java 19)

Part Three (16 Lessons)

  • Advanced Java – Java Multithreading, Messaging, Lambda, Streams
  • Interaction with Database
  • Data Processing with MySQL and SqlLite using Python
  • Data Processing with JDBC and JPA library using Java

Part Four (8 Lessons)

  • System Design and Common Interview Problems
  • Capstone project (Build a COVID vaccine appointment booking and tracking application for a fictitious pharmacy)

Part Five (12 Lessons) Optional

  • Simple Web application development with Spring MVC


Online course materials and homework are assigned each week for at-home preparation. This fees for only one month and due every month.