Free Coding Lessons (Saturday)

We provide free coding classes for all ages every week. Classes are held on every Saturday 3pm for Kids and 4pm for adults. Advance registration is required.

Classes are usually 30-45 minutes long but please prepare for up to an hour long session which may include QnA at the end.

Kids Coding Lesson: Kids free lesson may include visual block programming, coding apps, robotics, science experiments, circuits, python or Java Script games and Animations.

Adult Classes: Get a taste of IT topics like Java, Python, SQL, JavaScript, Career in IT, Freelance Programming, New Technologies like ChatGPT, AI, Data Science and Popular office tools like Excel or PowerPoint for Adults. We will also touch upon creative subjects like digital photography, online marketing, building infographics and background music without any instruments.

Laptops will be provided during the lessons so you don’t have to bring your own. If you bring your laptop, we will not be able to provide any assistance to setup your laptop.

Please note that Code Chef reserves the right to cancel any class at the last minute for any reason including but not limited to insufficient participant count.

Please sign up below: