Our in-person lessons fee is $250* per kid per month. There is a promotional discount of 20%. A sibling discount is also available if more than one kid enrolls from the same family. Please contact us at https://thecodechef.com/contact-us/  for more details.

We also provide advanced coding lessons on java, python, data science, and coding interview preparation for aspiring software professionals. The cost of these lessons varies.

No, we’re not a franchise. We are an independent business, located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. We do not have any other branches.

Learning to code is just one aspect of technology education. We provide a complete learning environment with a combination of smart teaching techniques involving coding, robotics, problem-solving, and creative thinking. The innovative approach is key to the success of our future generation. This teaches kids the ingredients of coding and recipes to use in real-world problems existing now and the problems they may encounter in the future world. Hence online classes are not our standard offering. We provide online classes for folks who cannot come to our learning center and still want to experience high-quality learning.

We teach kids block-based coding using Scratch. We also teach text-based coding with Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There will be sessions on problem-solving, critical thinking, group challenges, and robotics. We will also teach presentation skills and how to create music and art using computers. Kids will also learn to work with data using spreadsheets and queries. We also run coding BootCamp workshops, which are an excellent way to get your kid familiarized with coding concepts and have fun.

We teach coding lessons on artificial Intelligence, machine learning, java, kotlin, scala, computer vision, natural language processing, robotics, cloud computing, and data analytics for more advanced students. These lessons are not part of our standard package.

We follow the same guidelines as local schools. Unless there is an advisory from local health officials to stop or limit attendance, all our in-person lessons will be conducted in our Chelmsford learning center. We may provide a remote learning option via zoom in special circumstances.

Please submit your contact details at https://thecodechef.com/contact-us/. We will reach out to you with the relevant information.

No, we’ll provide a desktop for each student at our learning center. However, it’s beneficial to have access to a computer with an internet connection at home in order to practice the assignments.

Kids ages 8-16 may enroll in our learning center. We will be starting advanced courses for older kids and software professionals.

Students could attend two classes per week for in-person lessons. The first one is for a coding lesson on the weekday of their choice. The second class is a robotics and creativity class within a larger group. It is conducted only on the weekends.

There is no limit on beginner online lessons but more than 2 lessons may overwhelm kids.


Students may also drop in for up to one hour of the self-practice lab if they are having difficulty with their home computer or the internet. They will not get any assistance from the instructors during the lab. Please note that the numbers of computers for the practice lab are limited and provided on a first come first serve basis.

There are some excellent free sources to learn code, such as code.org, khan academy, and scratch. There are even some great tutorial videos on YouTube. However, you run the risk of getting lost in such content. Not only are our instructors well trained in teaching coding but learning with other kids has its own advantages. Our instructors provide the necessary guidance and mentorship to navigate the complex world of coding. When learning from online paid services, please be cautious, especially if the instructor is halfway across the world and teaching through a webcam. Also, parents should monitor access to other content on the internet which may not be suitable for kids. The computers in our facility are set up for teaching only. We do not store any personal information on our local computers.

Not all kids are able to learn at the same pace. This is true for any new subject. We make all attempts to accommodate kids at all levels and adjust our teaching methods accordingly. We make coding as fun as possible by using smart learning techniques such as games and apps development. Parents can also help their kids with coding practice at home and home assignments.

Every computer problem involves math to some extent. We will not be teaching academic math but we will cover necessary math concepts to understand coding problems and their solutions.  Having some knowledge of algebra, geometry, financial math, time and distance calculations helps to come up with a creative solution. We will sprinkle just enough math topics into our lessons to keep coding interesting without overwhelming students.

Math is not taught in our online classes.

Yes, there is a one-week (two lessons) free trial to help you decide. We also run coding BootCamp workshops, which are an excellent way to get your kid familiarized with coding concepts and have fun.

We conduct period assessments in the form of quizzes and assignments. We provide a comprehensive score and suggest areas to improve. The goal of these tests is not to compare kids with each other but to encourage them to challenge themselves and do their best.

Customer feedback is invaluable to our business. We would love to hear from all our students and parents. We send out a feedback survey to parents each month. Unlike most franchises, we are open to tweaking our lessons and teaching methods as and when required.