A unique blend of activities to teach kids Chess, Musical Beats Making and Digital Art (Drawing, Painting and Animation).

Creativity is the fuel for young brains. You will find this program both intellectually and artistically stimulating for your child.

Highlights of the program

~ Ages 5 -15
~ 45 Minutes Session
~ One session/ week (In-Person)
~ Mix of activities in each session.
~ Chess, Digital Music and Art
~ Small group size
~ Cost $150/Monthly

For digital painting lessons we use several apps like InkSpace, Clip Studio and Paint 3D. Along with touchscreen tablets, We also have an advanced professional drawing tablet. Students will be introduced to the science behind sound and use beginner friendly beat making apps, synthesizer and digital pads for creating their own music.

Sample work from our students

Digital Art Created by One of the participants on large digital canvas

Digital Music Created by Students

Rain Forest
Electronic Synth
Hip Hop

Learn to play Chess Beginner to Competition Level

No experience required.
Learn to Play Chess

Our strategy to help your child navigate the amazing world of Chess

  • Learn all the legal chess moves and international game rules from our instructors.
  • Play and practice. Instructors provide feedback and guidance during the weekly sessions.
  • Play practice against computer and other players to improve strategy and skills.
  • Learn proven techniques. We go through popular opening and checkmate moves often used in competitive games.
  • Compete in online and regional tournaments. May be win some.
  • Our library is full of great classic and modern chess books. They are free to borrow and read at home.
  • Free chess practice play on Saturdays. Please bring another player to play chess in our learning center with competition clock.

Please provide us with your Name, Email, Phone and the ages of your children. Please note that the program contains a mix of activities.

Please email [email protected] for more any queries. Want to play chess right away. Try our AI based chess game at https://play.codecheflearning.com/chess/