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Coding for every kid

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Why should every kid be exposed to coding?

Coding Kids
Coding for every kid

Today, coding is limited to a few super-smart children and it is considered an advanced skill. You don’t have to be a genius to code. This article talks about why every parent should consider teaching coding and computer science to their child. A programmer job is one of the highest-paid jobs today and most of our future will be shaped by programmers.

Kids and coding today

For kids to be involved with coding and programming nowadays, it means that they are considered super smart, geniuses and their parents have exposed them to any kind of special STEM program.

Kids that are considered the “smartest” lot because of their coding and programming skills, usually get recognized by the media. They are also offered a notable amount of opportunities, rewarding their “genius” skill, such as being invited to TEDx talks, mentoring programs at Google and Microsoft.

Sometimes, they even get rewarded for their knowledge and “rare talent” by being offered a huge amount of money to support their innovative ideas of becoming entrepreneurs.

Every kid should have the chance to code

However, this should not be the case only for “smart” kids. Every kid should have the opportunity to be exposed to the amazing world of coding and programming.

Coding is a significant component of the digital transition and it will be a necessary talent in the future. Many companies for years have already been looking for people that have a solid grasp of coding skills, and it has become a basic need for obtaining many employment these days.

Technology is predicted to be involved more in the next ten years than it already has in the past fifty.

Because most services and products are becoming digitized, the number of jobs that require coding abilities will expand tremendously. It implies they’ll be working in a virtual environment, and without coding expertise, it’ll be difficult to get them to work properly.

How can my kid learn to code?

Code Chef is a learning center located in Chelmsford Massachusetts. We would love to teach your kids the coding recipes of the future. If you could not join us, there are more other ways to expose kids to coding that parents can think of. From coding summer camps to tutorials on websites and youtube, coding tutors, after-school programs, and even toys.

Parents should learn how to stimulate their kids’ brains by helping them come in contact with programming and coding. This will benefit the kids long term in an immense way.


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