Four months IT Foundation Course

 In-Person or Online. Learn the four most in-demand recession-proof IT skills. Used in the majority of software applications. Building blocks for software development.

Fast-paced Crash Course Intended to teach several topics in a very short time. Done and Done. Build the essential foundation and confidence to apply for well-paid IT jobs even during the recession.

Month1: Python: Loops, Lambda, Classes, Math, NumPy, List, Tuples Functions

Month2: Java, Object-Oriented Programming, Collections, Threads, Lambda

Month3: C#, Classes, Inheritance, Enums, Properties, DotNet, Lambda, LinQ

Month4: Data Processing using R and SQL

Note: There is no shortcut to hard work. A lot of discipline and focus are needed to absorb so much material in such a short amount of time.

Call 978-972-1120 or email for more details. Classes will be held from 7 pm to 7:45 pm in our Chelmsford, MA learning Center. Also streamed online. Course material will be available online. All students will be provided with notes and practice material for offline study.