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Coding and Math

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  • Post published:January 4, 2022
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Coding for kids, often known as computer programming for kids, is becoming increasingly popular in the last few years. Given how reliant society has become on technology and how introducing kids from an early stage to the study of coding allows us to ensure a future with a high digital impact thanks to the new generations, it is no wonder that an increasing number of individuals are interested in learning this seemingly difficult skill.

Why do we need maths for coding and problem-solving?

However, in order to code, one needs to know mathematics and have some basic problem-solving skills. Programming is built on a mathematical foundation. Algorithms are taught in mathematics, which aids in the development of logical reasoning. Math can help you quickly reach analytical thinking, which is the process of breaking down situations from unknown to known.

Coding, just like math, necessitates a lot of critical and analytical thinking, as it entails finding a problem, analyzing it, coming up with possible solutions, testing them, and then putting them into action. Coding, like analytical thinking, necessitates a great deal of practice and trial and error.

Thus, teaching a kid math and basic problem-solving skills enables them to stimulate their brain and create a thinking process on how to code. By learning math, the primary language of coding and programming puts children in a thinking process of identifying a problem, giving detailed information on the problem, and providing a solution to the problem using the given information. That’s the exact process of coding.

What type of maths is needed for coding?

Nevertheless, it is important to note that kids should not only learn academic mathematics in order to code. Academic math mostly focuses on textbook problems that revolve around the idea of school teaching you the method to solve a problem. However, children should also be able to stimulate their brains and test their knowledge on more complex math that ensures the ingenuity of the problem. The more complicated the problem is, the more stimulated the brain gets.

How are children affected by adults’ views on maths?

According to TI’s Education Technology’s research, 75% of children have heard adults criticize math, and 44% have heard an adult remark, “I hate math”. This goes to show how much an adult can affect a child’s viewpoint of mathematics, even before they have their own interaction with it.

The same research showed that 68% of children indicated they would enjoy math more if they knew how it might help them in the future. Again, it is worth noting that not all parents and teachers help children understand the importance of math and therefore, the importance of math in coding.

Children Math Poll

Another research from OnePoll showed that 75% of the parents feel that coding will be an essential employment skill in the future, and 79% want their child to begin studying coding at an early age. In addition, 71% believe that coding should be mandatory in elementary school.

Children Coding Poll

All in all, children should be exposed to math and coding from an early age since it is one asset that will help them unlock their future. Furthermore, adults should be able to promote learning math and coding by providing kids with the necessary help.