Code Chef is a private learning center specializing in coding and STEM lessons for kids. We offer after-school play options for Kids ages 6-12. Would you like your child to play and learn? We have cool stuff like legos, robotics, books, apps, science kits, circuits and STEM toys.

Price: Monthly $1350 for STEM play center. $1550 with one coding lesson every week.

Kids can participate in the following activities in our play center:

1. Play chess with the regulation timing clocks. We also teach tips and techniques to improve chess skills.

2. Brain-building games like Mahjong, Tangram, Board Games, Math, and Picture Puzzles. Team-based problem-solving games.

3. Play with Legos and Intelligent toys, which can be programmed using block programming and python. Control toys with apps and remote.

4. Indoor games include indoor golf, foosball, air hockey, large Four in Row, Giant Lego Blocks, Big Jenga, Bean Toss, and more fun games.

5. Learn how to draw various shapes, characters, and objects with easy-to-follow instructions. Learn the basics of shadow and 3D drawing.

6. Learn how to make music and beats using digital tools and apps. Make your own music artificial intelligent based programs.

7. Learn motion physics with everyday toys. Experiment with design elements such as the center of gravity and resistance while building paper airplanes that can fly long distances. We have one of the largest collections of Hotwheels cars and tracks in new England.

7. Learn how to use professional drawing and animation software on a large professional drawing tablet.

8. Read fiction, math, and science books. We have a mini library that is constantly updating.

9. Watch science videos to discuss technology.

10. Play classic arcade games like Pac-Man, Tetris, and Mario Bros.

11. Learn logic and coding concepts using apps such as Coding Adventure, LightBot, and Scratch Jr.

12. Learn Cursive writing and Speed Math techniques.

13. Spelling Bee and Chess Competitions will be held among kids every month.

Every Instructor is CORI checked. We are enrolling only a very small group of up to 12 kids. There will be 1-3 instructors. There is no long-term commitment. You pay monthly. This program aims to make our next generation smarter and develop a curiosity for technology. Our instructors are well trained in STEM. We will request Chelmsford school to allow bus dropoff from school to our learning center at 7 Summer St, Ste #14. There could be an additional fee for van pickup from school.

You can also enroll in separate coding lessons in Scratch, Make Code, Python, or Web programming with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. No prior experience is required. Each kid will have access to a modern touchscreen Chromebook.


We are not affiliated with the town of Chelmsford or Chelmsford Park & Rec, or Chelmsford Public School. We are a private learning center.