Technology for the future

Code Chef is here to help you learn and achieve success with science, technology, math, art, and digital transformation.

Coding, Problem Solving, and Navigating the maze of technologies are the demands of a recession-proof family and business.

Learning Center

We provide coding, math, and science courses in person and online. We use smart technologies and problem-solving techniques to make learning fun.

Inventor Club

Whether you are a high school student or a working professional, you can join our inventor club. Bring some basic skills to invent or tinker with your creative ideas. This unique club is open to all in-person or online members.

Creative Play Center

Kids ages 4-16 can visit our creative play center to explore giant blocks, musical instruments, painting, science kits, robotics, digital tools, and games. Check our play center here.

STEM Summer Workshop

Join our indoor summer play workshop in July-August for a fun-filled STEM, Music, and Art adventure. You can find our sample daily schedule for the summer STEM program here.