Technology for the future

Code Chef helps you learn and achieve success with science, technology, engineering, art and math (S T E A M).

Coding, Problem Solving, and Navigating the maze of Technologies are the demands of recession-proof families and businesses around the globe.

Coding For Kids

We provide coding lessons for kids in person and online. We use smart technologies and techniques to make learning fun. Find a list of lessons currently offered here.

Coding for Adults

We provide online and in-person coding lessons for adults. We also provide short-duration courses to teach essential skills. You can find a list of the courses here.

STEM Play Center

We provide an afterschool STEM program for kids. Our play center is also open on Saturdays for hourly drop-ins. We have giant blocks, arcade games, RC toys, and legos.

Get Creative

We provide lessons on creative skills like Chess, Cursive writing, Speed Math Techniques, Painting, and Dance. These are great for your child’s overall development. Learn more.