Enroll your kids in our indoor summer camp with music, science, robotics, and art programs.

DatesLocationTickets and More Information
July 10-July14Code Chef Learning Center,
7 Summer, Ste 14, Chelmsford
Get schedule and tickets here
July 24 - July 28Code Chef Learning Center,
7 Summer, Ste 14, Chelmsford
Get Schedule and Tickets at EventBrite
July 5- July 7Littleton Middle SchoolDetails and Tickets
July 17-July21Littleton Middle SchoolTickets and Details
Aug 7- Aug 11Chelmsford Town Community Education CenterTickets and Details
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Book your FREE in-person coding lesson now!

Coding For Kids

We provide coding lessons for kids in person and online. We use smart technologies and techniques to make learning fun. Find a list of lessons currently offered here.

Coding for Adults

We provide online and in-person coding lessons for adults. We also provide short-duration courses to teach essential skills. You can find a list of the courses here.

Creative Lessons

We provide Chess, Digital Music and Painting lessons. Creative lessons are good for the overall development.

STEM Play Center

We provide STEM Play activities, workshops, and summer programs. We also host birthday parties and small events.